A Letter From Our Pastor

Dear Friends,

What a joy to have you visit with us on The Friends Church website. We are greatly blessed and encouraged by your interest in what God is doing in, for and through the body of Christ here amongst Friends.

As Christians, we believe there is no greater privilege than coming together with other believers to hear God’s Word, praise His name, experience His presence and to fellowship with those He loves. And that includes you!

That’s why we’d like to extend a special invitation to have you worship with us in person. We don’t claim to be a perfect church, but we do have a perfect God who has promised to build His Church- one life at a time!

If you are looking for a church home, we hope that you might find it here at The Friends Church and invite you to join us in the kingdom building effort. However, if you are currently active in another church, we praise God for your partnership in the Gospel and pray that you might continue to serve the Lord right where you are.

Once again, thanks for allowing us to share with you the love of the Lord and the ministry of The Friends Church. If we can answer any questions, address any concerns or be of any assistance in your spiritual walk, please let us know via phone, e-mail or letter. We look forward to meeting you “face to face and heart to heart!”

In the meantime, let me encourage you to check out our online ministry and activity pages as a means of introduction and information concerning The Friends Church. Together let’s pray: “In Your church, Lord, be glorified; beginning with me! AMEN.”

May God richly bless you as you continue to seek and serve Him!

In The Joy Of Jesus,

Chad DeWeerd
Lead Pastor

The Friends Church

We are a church that exists to love God and love people.

Phone:  440.526.3184

Email: connect@thefriends.church

Or contact us through our contact page.

8645 Avery Rd
Broadview Heights, OH 44147